Evaluation and Standards

International Connections

Yesterday I sat in on the presentation about the Community Art DEvelopment Initiative (CADI) and the work they are doing with N-Jection and the work they are doing with the Agoro community.

It was great to see music made positive. The lyrics of the youth’s song was positive and upbeat. It is not that often that you find CD’s for youth by youth. The messages were great for my seven year old.
Yet, I did have a few questions:

Does the youth in Agorro have access to the positive message of N-Jection?

What are ways to build an exchange relationship with the St. Louis community and Agorro to actively assist CADI’s efforts?

How could St. Louis community learn more about the cultural wealth of Agorro?

I enjoyed the fact that the presenter always came back to a very importatn part of the community engaging process. Listening to all within the group and constantly reassessing the goals of the organization and program. I found this aspect to be a friendly reminder to the work that goes on around me. If we have a close connection with those around us we will be better prepared to adjust our organization/artists plans around that of the people. We have to remember that the organization is not the work, it is frame.